Exercise จงเติมmuch หรือ many ลงในประโยคให้ถูกต้อง

จงเติม  much   หรือ   many  ในประโยคให้ถูกต้อง

  1.  How ____________umbrellas does she have?
  2.  How ____________rings do you have?
  3.  How _____________ milk do you want?
  4.  How ____________ powder do you have?
  5.  How _____________ pens are there on the table?
  6.  How _____________ rooms are there in the house?
  7.  How _____________students are there in the school?
  8.  How _____________ flour does  she  want ?
  9.  How _____________ books are there in the school bag?
  10. How _____________ water is there in the bottle?
  11. How _____________ mangoes do you want to buy?
  12. How _____________ cake would  you  eat?
  13. How _____________ powder  do  you  want?
  14. How _____________ salt do you want?
  15. How _____________ fish sauce  do you have?
  16. How _____________ chairs are there in the room?
  17. How _____________ students are  there  in  the  libraly?
  18. How______________teachers  in Wattamot School?
  19. How______________sugar  in the  kitchen?
  20. How______________money  does  your  mother  have?



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