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exercise 1       จงกรอกข้อมูลส่วนตัวให้ถูกต้อง

Please write information about yourself.






Telephone …………………E-mail : ……………………

Facebook : …www.………………………














exercise 2     อ่านเรื่องต่อไปนี้แล้วแปลความหมาย


Today, Mike and  his mom  are going to the library. Mike  wants  to  find  a book to  read.

His mom  wants  to use a computer  there. When  they  get to the library, Mike finds a book about  detectives. He also  finds  a book  with  chapters  about  a friendly  ghost. Finally, he finds  a book  about a man who  lives  in  the woods  without  food  or  water. He  puts  the books  on  the front  desk  and waits  for  his  mom


Crabs  live on the beach. They eat shrimp, ocean plants, and small fish. Crabs  crawl quickly on the sand and in the ocean. Crabs will  crawl away if  you  try  to catch them. There are many crabs on the beach, but it  is not always easy to see them.   Starfish live on the beach, too. They eat clams, oysters, and small fish.


Yoshi is hungry. Yoshi wants to eat. Yoshi walks to the store.  Yoshi walks to the grocery store because he wants something to eat.  Yoshi arrives at the grocery store. It is late. The sky is dark.

Yoshi buys an orange, an apple, a banana, and a mango.   The orange costs 50 cents. The apple costs 60 cents. The banana costs 10  cents. The mango costs 90 cents.


There are many kinds of boats.

     One kind of boat is called a sailboat. A sailboat uses the wind to move. Wind  makes a sailboat move in the water. The wind pushes the sailboat. Wind fills the sails. The sailboat moves when the wind blows.

One kind of boat is called a motorboat. A motorboat uses a motor to move. The

motor  gives  power to the boat. The motorboat moves when the motor is running.


On Monday, Robert works at the bank. He plants three bushes. He plants

eight yellow flowers. He plants three trees.

On Tuesday, Robert works at the school. He plants five red flowers. He

digs a hole with a shovel.

On Wednesday, Robert works at the hospital. He plants twelve bushes.


Tom is going on a trip to the mountains.  Tom needs to take his bag. The bag is brown. The bag is small. The bag  is small and brown.  Tom opens the bag. Tom wants to put things in the bag. Tom wants to  pack his bag.  Tom puts a toothbrush ,a map ,boots ,a camera.

Tom closes the bag. But the bag cannot close!  Tom takes the boots out of the bag. He puts them on his feet.


Next week I am on vacation. While I am on vacation, I will work on two projects.

First, I will fix the washing machine. The washing machine has been broken for two weeks. To fix it, I will need three tools: a screwdriver, a wrench, and a clamp. It will take one day to fix the washing machine.

Next, I will fix our back porch. This is a bigger project. It will probably take about two days to fix the back porch, and will require a screwdriver, a hammer, nails, and a saw


Sometimes it is cold in Lilly’s new town. The cold season is in winter. Once in a while it snows. Lilly has never seen snow before. So for her, the snow is exciting as well as very beautiful. Lilly has to wear gloves to keep her hands warm. She also wears a scarf around her neck.

In spring, flowers bloom and the trees turn green with new leaves. Pollen falls on  the cars and windowsills and makes Lilly sneeze. People work in their yards and mow their grass.


The living room does not look good. It looks bad without a carpet. Mary and Dan want to buy a carpet. They want to buy a carpet for their living room. They go to the store. They look at the carpets. There are many colors. There are many sizes. Some have patterns. Some are plain.

Mary likes a pink and purple carpet. It has dots. It has pink and purple dots. Dan says no! He does not like the colors. He does not like the pattern. He  does not like the size. The pink and purple carpet is too big.


James wants a dog. He walks to the pet store. James sees the animals at the pet store. He sees the  cats. He sees the rabbits. He sees the birds. He sees the  mice. He sees the dogs.

“How much does the dog cost?” James says.

“Twenty dollars,” the man says.

James gives the man twenty dollars. James buys the dog. The dog walks home with James. Now James has a pet.


My father is a construction worker. He builds houses. He builds schools. He builds houses and schools. He uses a hammer and a saw. My brother is an engineer. He designs buildings. He designs bridges. He uses a pencil and a calculator. My son is an athlete. He plays soccer. He plays soccer and tennis. He uses a racket and a ball. My daughter is an artist. She draws pictures of animals and people. She uses a pencil and a piece of paper


My name is Tess and I ride horses. I ride them in the circus. I ride them in parades.  I ride them in shows.  I am riding in a horse show today.  My horse runs.  My horse jumps.  My horse dances.

I  hold  on!  My horse is the best.   I named her Twin.   I feel like the horse
My mother is not at the horse show.  She has to work.   My father is there. He claps. He yells. He smiles.  The show ends. A man announces the winners.

Hi, my name is Eric. I am 12. I want to talk about my family.    I have two sisters. Their names are Rachel and Carrie. Rachel is 18 years old.   Carrie is 10 years old. They are very nice.

My mother’s name is Julia. She is 40 years old. My mother is also very nice.  My father’s name is Andre. He is smart. He is an engineer. He builds bridges.  I also have a dog. My dog’s name is Paw. He is a big dog. He is a brown dog. He is a big brown dog.  I love my family.


Ben has two cats. Their names are Max and Tito. Ben also has a bird. Her name is Lilly. Lilly likes to sing. Lilly sings every day.  Sometimes she sings very loud.  Max and Tito try to discover who is singing. They look everywhere!   Finally, they see who is singing.  It is Lilly!

They sit and watch her sing.


I fly airplanes for a living.I am a pilot.   Sometimes I take my little girl with me. Her name is Bristol.    Bristol likes to look out the window of the airplane.She likes to look at the clouds.She thinks the clouds look like animals.   She points at one with her finger.

“I see a giraffe!” she says.

I also have a little boy.  My little boy does not like to be up high.  He does not come with me on the airplane.    He likes to play airplane with me.  We play airplane when I get home. We run around the yard. We wave our arms in the air. We make airplane noises.


Gustavo works far away from his home.  He drives a car to work. It takes him 3 hours to get there. While he drives, he thinks about many things. He thinks about his little girl. She likes to ride horses.  He thinks about his little boy. He plays fireman all the time.  He thinks about his wife. She milks the cows on the farm.  Gustavo thinks of things he needs to do when he gets home.  He needs to cut the grass. It is too long.   He needs to water the flowers so they will grow.


My house is in the United States.  The United States is a country . My house is in North Carolina.

The weather in North Carolina  is nice. It is sunny. The sky is blue.

My house is in Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is a city . It is a city on a small mountain.

My house is red. My house is brick.  I live in a red brick house.


It is Thursday. It is raining today. Anna is watching TV inside the house. Anna cannot go outside.

Anna is bored. Anna hears someone at the door.  Anna opens the door. What does Anna see?

Anna sees a small dog.  The dog is wet. The dog is wet from the rain.

“Awww! You are all wet!” Anna says to the dog. “You are very cute!”

“Mom!” Anna says.

“Yes, dear?” says Anna’s mom.

“There is a dog here! There is a dog at the door!” Anna says.

Anna’s mom comes to the door. Anna’s mom sees the wet dog. The wet dog

looks cute.


Jethro  gets  ready for  his job  interview.  He takes a shower. He shaves.  He brushes his teeth.
He cuts his fingernails. He combs his hair.  He puts on the new suit he bought just for today.
Jethro feels confident . He is also very   nervous .  Here is why. Jethro graduated at the top of  his class in college. Still, Jethro knows the economy is bad.  His dad just lost his job at the bank a few weeks ago! Many people are interviewing for the very same job. There is a lot of competition.


Tracey is starting a new school today.   She is very sad. She is very scared.
“I don’t want to go to school today,” Tracey tells her dad.
“I understand, sweetheart,” Dad says. “Starting a new school can be very scary.”
Tracey has moved to a new town. She has moved to a new house. She is starting a new school today. She has done all of this in a week!
“I feel sick,” Tracey says. “My stomach hurts. I can’t eat breakfast.”
“I think that is because you are nervous,” Dad says. He brushes Tracey’s hair down. He gives her a little hug. “Try drinking just a little juice. Then I will walk you to school.”


Dana Miller is a bus driver. She drives a bus in the city of Philadelphia. She works the night shift. That means she starts work at 10:00 at night and gets off at 6:00 in the morning.  Dana has been driving a bus for 15 years. She started when she was 23-years-old.   She loves her job most of the time. She gets to see the beautiful city from her seat. She gets to meet all kinds of people.


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